Wastes lead to frustration internally and externally!

If something doesn’t add value, it’s a waste. Such activities distract your value delivery and therefore, I call them value killers!

Yes, that is spot on — In lean thinking, that is the definition of wastes. Any activity that is not value adding is a waste. In other words, any activity that consumes your time, energy and resources but does not add any value, as perceived by the customer, is waste.

Whether you think of your own goals or your organizational goals, let me take you through the must-adapt critical thinking framework, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

Why can’t organizations achieve their goals?

Niroshan Madampitige

“Changing the world starts with you…” | Co-founder, Scrum Meetups in Colombo | Agile Coach @ Gapstars | Speaker

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