Pillar 01: First thing first, Your belief system!

Sure, this is one of the best ways to facilitate a great retrospection -try it.

Spillover are signs that you aren’t agile!

Wastes lead to frustration internally and externally!

If something doesn’t add value, it’s a waste. Such activities distract your value delivery and therefore, I call them value killers!


Organizer, Agile Mindset Workshop — Dialog

Niroshan conducted an insightful session on Agile Way of Working for Dialog Axiata PLC and feedback from the participants were excellent. He has a unique style of delivery and the methodologies used to engage the audience was fantastic.

Whether you think of your own goals or your organizational goals, let me take you through the must-adapt critical thinking framework, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

Why can’t organizations achieve their goals?

Niroshan Madampitige

“Changing the world starts with you…” | Co-founder, Scrum Meetups in Colombo | Agile Coach @ Gapstars | Speaker

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